What have I got now?

Hi Ladies and Gents

I hope everyone is pain free today.

Ive just had letter from my Nuro saying that my last lot of blood tests showed my C-reactive protein is slightly raised at 9.3 and Glucose is 7.3 and are still awaiting the results of the HcA1C and also autoimmune screen.

This is the good bit he writes and asks my normal Doctor to “if necessary can you check Mrs Garlick for any infections that might be associated with fatigue”

Any one any idea of what I could now have wrong as well as Ms and under active thyroid.

Im not googling as I don’t want to scare myself! X

I don’t think it’s particularly sinister. CRP is a non-specific inflammatory marker - non-specific meaning it doesn’t point to any particular disease, but can be indicative of an infection.

So sounds like he’s just being thorough, and wants to check for that.

Having an infection on top of MS would be likely to increase fatigue.

But an infection doesn’t sound like anything devastating, as infections are treatable.

You may have picked up some infection you’re not aware of. I had significantly raised inflammatory markers before I was ever diagnosed with MS - yet MS does not cause this! We never got to the bottom of it.

The GP wrote in my notes that I must have had an infection when the test was done, but not according to me, I didn’t!

Don’t think I’ll ever find out what it was.