What future is coming for newly diagnosed?

Hi everyone,

I’m really concern as I’m asking myself what future will bring to us…

Especially those who are being diagnosed nowadays, for the veterans fighters, do you think we are in a better position to have a ‘’ ‘normal’ ’ life???

I’m really impressed about studies which show nowadays a person diagnosed with Ms is unlikely to use a cane for walking in the next 15 years if he or she is under DMDS…

But then again, I read the experience of a person who was diagnosed a few years ago and is using a cane…

Is it sooooo different the illness for all of us???

What do you think future would be like?

Thanks so much

Hi Sergio,

The complexity and vast number of connections within the brain and nervous systems means that it is almost impossible to accurately predict the consequences of damage or how anyone’s MS might progress or respond to treatment. I think that ongoing research will continue to build better knowledge and guides. I also think that ongoing research will increase the range of options for disease management. In my time with MS I have seen advances in medication and management, so I optomistically hope that these improvements will continue.
I have also learned to try and deal with things on a day to day basis and not to speculate about the “unknowns” I wish you all the very best. Mick

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Thank you so much for your response Mick.

I wish you all the best too. Thanks for taking your time to respond me.

No one can predict the future for anything. I have had MS since about 1997, in that time my future was like a roller coaster without the MS, loosing family and husband, friends to cancers, the list is endless then hit by a VIRUS pandemic who would have predicted that?

And yet i still go on, not in a wheel chair permantely yet and enjoying my life as well as i can. too many unknowns in the world sadly.

everyone has MS differently. Its called a SNOWFLAKE disease. I have progressive MS, and 70 in 2 weeks. I feel amazed i got to be a pensioner but not because of MS.

I do think however, that the strides they are makinig in MS research is amazing i was reading about outside blood transfusions this morning they are doing in the USA, it has a name escapes me sorry, and it is working for a lot of people, new DMD, so many things, so althuogh i dont think MS would be eradicated i think like a lot of diseases it will become esier to live with. Look at strokes for example, so many people died of them, but now recovering and living perfectly good lives.

All i want to do right now is get through this pandemic and see what it is going to be like on the other side.


The trials deal in averages, not individuals. No question, the future is immeasurably brighter on average for people dx now than people dx 25 years ago. It’s a different world, and the difference is DMDs.