what else?

Went for my swim this morning, ‘are you open tomorrow?’ ‘No’ ‘and the day after?’ ’No!’ – ‘what else am I meant to be doing?’ ‘Just eat!’ no wonder Britain is suffering from an obesity crisis! +go for a long walk? not really a viable alternative for an Mser…

the people at the swim place do need a day or 2 off…maybe read a book, or just relax?

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well actually talked to the people at the pool, they need the money! and wld prefer to come in…read a book? watch tele…? neither particularly attractive with impaired vision…relax??? not my strong point either…well Xmas is not my favourite time of the year! Happy X-mas!

could you not do some gentle exercises at home?

those stretchy resistance bands are great if used correctly.

those big gym balls are great for your core.

i have trouble doing the exercises on them but i was told that just sitting on it would require tightening my abs to stop me from rolling away.

so do 10 minutes of gentle exercises and then RELAX!

carole x

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thanks Carole, good idea, exercises on the floor! + also found another solution for my problem: have just undertaken a major cleaning operation - clean staircase yippie!!! happy Christmas!