What else can happen?

Hi All

Not been on for a while cos I have been really ill. Had surgery of foot for mortons neuroma they removed tumor and nerve, wound in very difficult place. Then I was in for endescopy (sorry for spelling) swalling promblems and indigestion have never had before, from middle of breasts then goes under both breasts and then through to my back - agony I do not know how much more I can take. Now they have phoned to say I have to have ultrasound cos consultant thinks its gallstones, I could just give up I would love 1 day with no pain.

Sorry for rant but think is it all worth it this pain I am having now if they cannot find a cause and cure I could not live with it frightened to eat anything.



Sorry to hear of your pain. I’m sure they will but the waiting is so hard. Take care xxx

I really really hope that the surgery gives you some relief from that terrible foot pain Jan. At least that would be one good thing at long last!

I have had a lot of gastro problems in the past two years, but have got to a place now that is good, due mainly to getting on the right meds. My problems sound much less severe than yours, but please don’t give up hope that they will find the right solution for you as well. It does happen!


Karen x

Oh poor you! I feel so sorry for you, but urge you to hold fast. Things have to get better someday…I really hope for that for you.

look after yourself. I hope you have some good helpers at home.

luv Pollx