what dr who monster sared you as a child?

Im watching the weekend of dr who on watch (sky) going back to the beguining with the first dr William Hartnel.

As a child the syber men scated the c rap out of me and i would hide behind the sofa when they came on,my brother was terrified of the theme tune and used to burry his head in mums lap and she had her hands over his ears, this happened every time it was on.

What monsters scared you?


It was those big grub things that covered people with green slime. Was so scared one night I could actually hear them slithering over the bedroom floor, so I hid under the blankets!

It was the cybermen for me too. Now there are several, the weeping angels scare the bejesus out of me as does the “are you my mummy”? Linda x

The Daleks are the only ones that stick in my mind that had me hiding behind the sofa…with my fingers in my ears I’m sure there were probably others too, as even the shopkeeper in Mr Benn terrified me Fizzy xx

The music was scarey enough for me to hide behind the sofa, nevermind the monsters!!! I don’t remember opening my eyes til it ended!!

Shazzie xx

Deffo the cyber men. Now its still them plus the Weeping Angels Axx

[quote=“arwen”] Deffo the cyber men. Now its still them plus the Weeping Angels Axx [/quote] Oh the weeping angels i just cant fathom them out, perhaps its my brain slowing down but i just dont get them.


They were scariest in dont blink not as good in the more recent appearances. Axx

Planet of the Apes scared me s***less :frowning: Sue x

I was scared of the daleks - used to try and stop my brother from hiding behind the sofa 'cause I wanted to watch it, but needed him with me to hold my hand! Once he had disappeared behind the sofa I had to grab a cushion to hold onto/hide behind.

H x

Dalecs scared me. And now I feel like they must have, “not more steps!”

Without doubt it has to be the Cybermen. Just show the Daleks a flight of stairs.



Took our young (at the time) daughters to see the Dr Who exhibition in Blackpool and the Daleks werent on the set, but suddenly came from behind and our eldest shot away screaming!

Cruel mummy and daddy laughed!