What do you think?

Hi All,

I have bee diagnosised since 2010, very good prognosis they told me . Only sensory symptoms so far and mild so the dr says. I really did not have any trouble walking before.

But now I am having trouble with stiffness in my legs and I am wondering as I have one lesion on my spine in the T7/8 area could this be causing me trouble in my legs. Also where that lesion area is in my back is burning sensation there also and lower lumbar pain also but I did not hurt my back.

These are new symptoms and I do not know wheather to go to GP as I can walk and its not bad but it the change in symptoms that has me worried.

What to do please.


Hi Dee,

“Good prognosis” unfortunately doesn’t mean “no problems ever again”, so I don’t think it’s that extreme or alarming to be having some pain and stiffness, more than two years after diagnosis.

It’s understandably not something people like to dwell on, but even RRMS (of whatever severity) is still a progressive disease, which means you can expect to know you’ve got it.

I don’t think steroid treatment will necessarily be recommended, if symptoms are non-disabling, and if it’s been over two years since any kind of flare-up, it probably wouldn’t change the case for DMDs, either (you usually need two attacks within two years, to be considered elligible).

BUT, it’s probably worth mentioning to the GP, to get it on record it has happened - just in case attacks became more frequent, which would alter the DMD position (but they can’t consider attacks nobody knows you’ve had).

Even if steroids or DMDs are not something either you or your doctors would wish to consider, at the moment, you might want to explore symptom relief. I’ve found baclofen excellent for stiff legs, although it’s just recently starting not to work as well for me. There are other things that can be tried.

So my vote is go to the doctor. You don’t have to be crippled before it’s serious enough.


If your lesion is at T7/8 it’s a bit high to cause any difficulty with your legs and probably just MS doing its evil work a bit lower down.

Try doing some gentle stretches and see if it loosens you up a bit.


Hi Dee,

Yes I agree with Tina, it’s better to at least get it on record with your GP because sometime down the line you may need a record of what has happened when and it’s much better if it’s officially recorded. The temptation is always to think it’s not so bad, there are those worse off, can’t complain etc I’m sure we have all been there but if it’s giving you pain and affecting your life even though you can still walk it’s still not normal for you! And there may be something your GP could suggest that might help - drugs or physio for instance that you haven’t thought of or how about trying a yoga class or hydrotherapy? Both of these are offered through my local MS group and may be available through yours. Good luck x

I always inform my ms nurse of any changes or new symptoms when they come and go. So it is all recorded. It could be a new relapse or just a flare up brought up from infection, stress, or tiredness