What do you think ?

Hi all

cut a long story short after a long time of various symptoms had a brain MRI which showed 12 lesions back in March had a LP in May and I’m due to see neuro tmrw for results … Just wanted your opinions as to do you think I may get a dx tmrw ?

I have felt so ill since Xmas been off work since January and just have so much going on in my personal life just want a answer of sort as to what is wrong with me

thanks in advance for any replies


Well, I should think that you will get told something about what’s going on. It’s obvious something is due to the lesions. I hope that you get the answer you want, it’s an odd feeling of wanting to know/ not wanting to know. You’re gonna feel all over the place today. Easier said than done, but, try and find something to do today to distract yourself a bit from it all. Try to relax and not overthink it, I’ve done it myself so many times and it did me no favours. Keep us posted and best of luck Hun xxx

Hello Cody01

I hope your appointment today finally let’s you know what’s causing all your problems. Let us know how you get on

Good luck