What do I do? I feel awful :(

Hi everyone

For a few days (on and off) i’ve been feeling slightly lightheaded/dizzy when doing the simplest of tasks ie. cleaning up or just walking around. I went to the gym a few days ago and wasn’t able to do anything there. When I came home, I thought it was because I was feeling hungry… I had some food and felt a little better - but not compeltely. The following day I went out shopping - I felt fine all day. When I got home I felt light headed again, I figured this was because I was tired.

Today, i’ve been feeling horrible. I had a decent night sleep… Woke up, had some breakfast. When I got up to do some cleaning, I was feeling really dizzy and felt nauseas. I went to the bathroom, only to have diarrhea 4 times in the space of an hour. Just less than half an hour ago, I was getting myself some water and i’ve vomitted… Quite a lot. I feel slightly better (maybe that’s because i’m sitting down?) but i’m not sure how long this will last til it starts again. I have had a minor symptom of vertigo in the past, is this vertigo or could it be food poisoning? I had some red meat last night, and some milk later in the evening… Everyone in the house also had the red meat and they’re fine. I’m the only one who had the milk (which is in date). Please help. I feel awful! What do I do?

Sometimes when we come down with a bug or infection our symptoms can be worsened and as you say vertigo is an old symptom of yours, perhaps it’s just a tummy bug. Hope you feel better soon x

It might be worth going to your GP - s/he’ll send you to the neuro if they think you need it. Also, you might want to get steroids if you start to think it’s vertigo from an attack and if you do, the sooner you get into the system, the better.

Hi It sounds more like a tummy bug…gastroenteritis…than vertigo. Certainly, I’ve never had diarrhoea and I’ve had vertigo for 9 months now. I think a GP appointment is needed. Xx

dont worry - you sound exaclty like I did a couple of days ago – look back and see my posts!! you probably have picked up a bug and the combination of a messed up immune system, MS and thinking too much have combined to make you feel even worse. Go see the doctor and make sure youve got lots of people around to comfort you and help you stay hydrated and well nourished for a few days or a week and you will be right as rain.

Don’t let it get you down, and dont forget people without MS get bugs and things all the time and feel just as crappy, they just dont have the extra worry that we do.

chin up

Aww thank you all ever so much. I’m feeling a little un easy today but much better than yesterday thankfully (so far). I’m not getting the lightheadedness/dizzy spells… But i’m watching what I eat. Fingers crossed it all gets better from now

I’ve had vertigo in the past but mine usually comes and goes. It stays with me for a few days and then it is long gone… So I don’t know if it’s actually vertigo or just some symptoms of it. My GP has never given me anything for it. He just says “see how you feel in a few days”. He’s no good at times!

trip to GP might be a good idea, there is a few bugs going around