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HI, i am a 55 year old male, who has sufferd depression, and panick attacks since a verry early age, for the last 20 odd years, i have suffered with backpain numbnes that comes and goes, whith numbness that has now stayed, on the out sides of my legs, and constant tingling in my fingertips.

I suffer from sudden stiffness that makes me want to cry, and moving my head forward can at times give me, what i would call a large electric shock across my body, and down my arms,i have had mri scans on my back and head, my spine shows neve damage and disk problems , and my brain shows small vessel damage, i am now being given b12 injections, painkillers asprin, aceinhibitors, and various, anti deppressents, i have various othe problems, such as visual halucinations, pain in one eye, that i canonly discribe as an ear acke, in my eye.

My doctor seems pill mad, i never get real answers, could all my problems be linked to ms, i at the point in my life, where its nearly all pain, i have just finisheh hydro therapy, and each time i got out of the water i could jest about walk, i am wondering if i could get treatment that works, and they may be misdignosing me.

Any help greatfully received…


Hi Andy, there are a lot of things happenong with your body at the moment from reading your post. Dont stop taking your meds because they are keeping your condition stable. Discuss your fears and issues you have about your meds with your gp who will explain each one to you. Learn to trust their decisions. It does look like you need to see a neuro or an orthopedic specialist which your gp will refer you to. Good luck on your journey Andy. Frank.

Thank you for the reply, i must also apologise fo the spelling, i was in a lot of pain last night


Hi Andy and welcome to the site

My brain is probably playing tricks on me, but have you posted before?? Not that it really matters; it’s just that your username is that sort of annoying “where do I know him from” familiar to me! :slight_smile:

More importantly(!)…

If it helps, small vessel damage and structural problems in your back look completely different to MS on MRI, so it would be highly unlikely for the radiologist to have got them wrong. Could you also have MS? It’s possible, but it’s probably more likely that your symptoms are caused by a worsening of your existing conditions. If I were you, that’s what I would be asking anyway: my symptoms are worse; is it a worsening of existing conditions or could they be masking something else?

Also, have you asked if there is anything that can be done about the disk and nerve damage? It’s all very well having it diagnosed (a point that some GPs seem to stop at), but can a surgeon maybe do something about it? If the LHermitte’s type symptom (the electric shock feeling) is new, then it seems that whatever is wrong has worsened, so I would think that you should be seeing an orthopaedic specialist to be reassessed. If they can’t find any reason for this, then a referral to neurology would certainly be in order.

The eye pain could be a load of different things, but I’m wondering if it could be migraine because there are types of migraine that cause eye pain and visual disturbances / hallucinations, both with and without headache. This site has some descriptions: Eye migraines – symptoms of eye or silent migraine and what to do about them. Even if any of that sounds right, it’s important to rule out problems with the eyes themselves so have you seen an optician or ophthalmologist about it? If they find nothing wrong, then you should probably ask your GP to refer you to a headache specialist.

I know it seems wrong for one person to have so many different things wrong with them, but I’m afraid it’s not uncommon. I’ve got 6 myself!


Karen x