What direction?

HI, i am a 55 year old male, who has sufferd depression, and panick attacks since a verry early age, for the last 20 odd years, i have suffered with backpain numbnes that comes and goes, whith numbness that has now stayed, on the out sides of my legs, and constant tingling in my fingertips.

I suffer from sudden stiffness that makes me want to cry, and moving my head forward can at times give me, what i would call a large electric shock across my body, and down my arms,i have had mri scans on my back and head, my spine shows neve damage and disk problems , and my brain shows small vessel damage, i am now being given b12 injections, painkillers asprin, aceinhibitors, and various, anti deppressents, i have various othe problems, such as visual halucinations, pain in one eye, that i canonly discribe as an ear acke, in my eye.

My doctor seems pill mad, i never get real answers, could all my problems be linked to ms, i at the point in my life, where its nearly all pain, i have just finisheh hydro therapy, and each time i got out of the water i could jest about walk, i am wondering if i could get treatment that works, and they may be misdignosing me.

Any help greatfully received…