What can I do about the cold making my muscles really painful ?

Since the weather got this cold my arms and legs have got really painful and uncomfortable. Last week I couldn’t get my son to nursery and I have to rely on other people to take my daughter to school and pick her up from school :frowning: I put the fire on and while I sat in front of it my muscles got a bit better but five minutes after I turned it off the pain came back. What should I do?

Hi Rebecca,

I can’t really help but I just wanted to bump you up the list cause your post has not been on that long. I hope some-one here can help with a few suggestions.

Take care


hi rebecca

i’m ultra sensitive to heat and cant stand being too hot but i’m also sensitive to cold.

contrary this ms eh?

i’ve started wearing long johns and they do the trick.

so now i’ve rewritten the old saying “cold hands, warm heart” to “cold hands, warm arse”

(my hands are always cold)

carole x

There is some lovely long sleeved thermal underwear online at Matalan…ordering myself some.

Take a look before you think no…its very fine material but keeps in body heat and will layer lovely under tops and trousers.


I wore my long John’s yesterday and they were great. O also wear fleecy leggings to bed and that works too. Only trouble is I need some long John’s that’ll fit under my slim style jeans x

You’ll find a pair online at matalan Lisa. I promise I don’t work for them lol…just impressed with their choices. :slight_smile: