What are your challenges?

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(Would I be correct in saying she has progressed from RRMS to Secondary?)

[/quote] No, she may just be relapsing, have an infection or it may be a gradual deterioration caused by previous relapses (increasing disability).

I’m unsure of protocol but think you may need to ask permission from the web team to solicit information for ‘research purposes’ on here?

I don’t know how information that people would give you on here in respect of their own individual challenges would help you ‘build a character’ for this lady? Surely you need to ask her?

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Aaah…are you trying to build a fictional character for your dissertation, Eoin?

Do the Mods know you are on here grilling us at Tea time ?

Its not the dissertation but its almost equal to in terms of the final percentage. I got some crucial details but it is up to me to fill in the gaps and as you say build a fictional character which makes it a more realistic study. I am not going to use anything anyone reveals here but it will be helpful for my own knowledge and guiding the areas/symptoms I research. (I am waiting for admin to reply to give me the yes or no following amu’s reply.)


As a Speech and Language Therapist I had to do case studies on real people. Working with them over a number of weeks or even months. I think you may run the risk of not getting even close to how ms affects us. I fit your bio exactly and you cannot begin to understand how irrevocably this has changed every part of my life with a few questions and answers. I wish you well with your studies. Sara