What are my symptoms adding up to?

Hi All, I’m not sure if anyone will be able to help but I am at a loss of where to turn. 4 years ago, I was rushed to hospital after I lost all the strength in my left side and my ability to speak. After a MRI to rule out a stroke, doctors dismissed this as purely migraines and sent me on my way. Over the following 4 years, I saw my gp on multiple occasions due to having extreme chest pains (Which I have had since I was 18), trouble swallowing, a feeling of tunnel vision, low sex drive (I’m only 28 and happily married), in abilty to find the next word in a sentence and many other things. Each appt has lead to different tests all leading to the conclusion that I am fine. Flash forward to September 2018 when I was driving with my daughter and experienced another episode like I had 4 years ago. The same thing happened as before, I was blue lighted to hospital, CT scan and an all clear. However, since that time, my muscle weakness and chest pain has stuck around causing chaos in my life. My gp has referred for a Neuro appt but not til 19th December. When I try to discribe how it feels I feel like I can’t quite get people to understand and the chest pain which literally feels like someone has stabbed me in the chest through and through with a hot poker is getting worse. Did anyone get a diagnosis after similar symptoms? I am starting to lose hope that I am never going to find out what is causing all of this.


december 19th isn’t that long a wait in the grand scheme of things.

use the time to write a list of the symptoms you have had in chronological order to share with the neuro during your appointment.

the chest pain could be the ms hug which is caused by the little muscles between the ribs going into spasm.

don’t assume it means you have ms though.

spasms can be caused by loads of things.

in fact you could use spasm to describe it to the people who don’t understand.

Thank you for the advice catwomanCarole58. I’ve started compiling a list as best I can remember in the hopes it helps with my Neuro appt. After 4 years of eye tests, blood tests, heart tests and who knows what else, any step in any direction would be amazing.