what are inflammatory features

hi i had my mri scans back recently does any one know what inflammatory features means appartently they have fund these in my brain and spine but thats all the letter said i now have to wait until the 7th of august to see the neurologist

Hi Kitty, I’m not an expert by any means, but I think it means that your scan shows that there has been, or still is, areas of inflammation (swelling). This can be caused by many things including virus or infection. It can also be caused by MS.

The neuro will now probably want to do more tests and perhaps a lumbar puncture. Very hard for you but you are going to have to bite the bullet and wait until 7th August (which is what… 3 weeks… I know it seems like an age to you but it’s not really very long).

In meantime, remember, ‘one day at a time’. Won’t be long before you have some more information.

Pat x

Ditto to Pat. The word lesion is often used on here and elsewhere - it means a patch of inflammation or damage caused by inflammation when applied to MS. So it sounds like there might be lesions in your MRI - these show up as white spots. Karen x