What am I entitled too?

Hi All I am know not working, long story won’t go into it now, anyway can anyone tell me what I can apply for. Have got a sick note for two months from my doctor (he has said come back for another when this one runs out) so sent that off, for Employment and Support Allowance. Have had an assessment for PIP waiting for that. Have received discount on Council Tax,own the house so no reduction as do not pay rent, told that I have to wait 13 weeks before applying for mortgage interest help. Can I apply for anything else? Thanks Deborah

Nothing that I can think of. You have it covered. The only other thing is - did you pay mortgage protection insurance? - if so now is the time to claim. If this is not an option contact your lender and ask about options for the 13 week waiting period so that you don’t run into arrears.


Thanks Jane No could afford mortgage protection at the time, but how would anyone no what would happen? But will call the mortgage people to see if they can help it anyway. Deborah

Hi Deborah I know you said you didnt have mortgage protection, but do you have critical illness cover? Sue x