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What a let down!

Been looking on line at bungalows, still wrestling with the HS2 question decided to have a drive out and have a look…Not even started building! but you can see they will be very close to each other and have tiny gardens (plots are staked out) also very close to main road which is likely just as noisy as the train line would be! although they have reduced the (imaginary number of trains, from 29 per hour), so we’d just be swapping trains for cars!

Many years ago I lived in a house on a quietish side street that backed on to the railway line just outside Cambridge (quite a long garden but no trees to buffer. The train idling station was located on that bit of line. We also lived near a milk dairy and early in the morning the electric milk floats would go along our street past the front of the house. Whilst we didn’t have high speed trains rushing past, we did have the trains sitting there with their engines running, and stoppping and starting again. Surprisingly, the noise from the electric milk floats was more disturbing to those sleeping in the front room than the trains were to people sleeping at the back of the house!

So, I’m not much help really which would be preferable, but understand your concern.

Just don’t want to inadvertenly swap one prob for one even worse! I have lived in town centres and had a pub, so I have lived with noise!..The church bell ringing practice was the worst. lol

I lived 4 doors away from a main train line in a house. with triple glazing what trains lol? there was even a lovely house right by the railway line. I actually went to visit the lady one day and never heard one train going by.

I heard cars more then the trains. when i lived in hongkong we were on flight path i could literally see the planes going past my flat lol. it is true i have photos, the first few days i heard them then nothing.

the photo below is red line and confier my house, and the one right by the railway line Largo house i was in and never heard one train.

I would say your problem will be the road, and tiny garden with neighbours close by. My house was built in the 50’s to last with thick walls. lol.

The disruption while they build HS2 (if they ever do!) is going to be major here, closing roads, even though they say ‘only’ 27 lorries a day on the one road they eventually realised they would they would need themselves! Once it is done it will be OK I’m sure. Extremely irritating though that we’d have to drive 40 mins to get on HS2! While at the moment 5 mins to the station 1hr 15 mins to London…so we’ll be sticking with that!

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