What a difference a week makes

Hi All

I saw Specialist last Tuesday following MRI Scan and he has confirmed no new lesions or active lesions. He sees no need to change meds. He has said that Nystagmus only in left eye and was first noted in 2012 although it appears to be more noticeable now. On the down side he doesn’t think it will improve and nothing can be done to improve it.

Today is 4 years since dx, still dislike saying I have Multiple Sclerosis so will always say MS.

Thank you for listening to the moan last week.



hi trace

don’t know if i replied to your moan because i was without broadband for a few days.

but i would have said, this is the place to have a moan.

my dx day is etched onto my memory just like the births of my sons.

we just keep on keeping on.

carole x

hi Trace, I think I am in exactly the same situation. Nystagmus in left eye, in my case very little vision+ no colours and finding it extremely difficult to function…, also no hope for improvement…it’s all really difficult to believe and even harder, to live with…best Gingerlil

Sending hugs babe! Xxx<(((((((((hugs>))))))

Love Pollxx