Afternoon people - that time of the year again when there is so much going on and i’m shattered - too many hours in the garden plus wedding attended last week and many different functions coming up, plus still working - i hate the way MS gives you fatigue and pain especially at this time of the year when things get busy - feel like getting on an aeroplane and not coming back - Vit b12 jab booked for this thursday and hopefully it will pick me up a bit…sorry for the rant but starting to get me down…



Not surprised; you have a lot going on. Is there anything you can cut down on? In fairness, if you’re still working it isn’t always a choice you can make easily. Smaller amount of time, but spent doing something you really enjoy (or at least, something for yourself) rather than working - is that a possible way to go?

hi! sounds like the combination of work and attending fun functions is too much for you…and it`s warm too. My thermostat is broken, like most of us. We cant get warm in the winter and then cant cool down in summer…I know we hardly have hot summer days to moan about, but even so, our bodes know the difference and say so!

I went out Monday and yesterday and even tho` I just sit in a wheelchair, it is still an effort and this morning I felt whacked.

Time to pace yourself hun. A pain I know, when we did what we wanted before and hate that everyone else is having a great time.

That`s the only answer…go to functions but take time in between to have rest days.

Are you still working full time?

What do you reckon to cutting your hours?


All the correct answers folks and I have to learn to say no and take some me time - thanks for taking the time to reply…

You`re welcome hun.