West Yorkshire

Hi, anyone out there from West Yorkshire or who has experience of it?

Hubby has been offered a job in Bradford, which would mean moving down there from Aberdeen.

It’s a big enough pay increase which would mean that if I chose to I would no longer have to work but as you can imagine the whole idea of such a big move terrifies me.

Ive also read online so many horror stories about the area you would think no one would want to live there. Surely it can’t be that bad?? There’s good and bad in all places isn’t there?

There seems to be many villages on the outskirts with good transport links and I think we would be looking to live in one of these places.

Any advice or opinions greatly appreciated.

Ann Marie

Online horror stories about West Yorkshire - must have been written by southerners!

Bradford is a city with a large immigrant ( mostly Asian) population and the city centre is nothing to write home about but the good news is that it’s right next door to Leeds so if you need to power shop it’s only a hop away. It doesn’t take long to hit the outskirts where you will find some lovely places to live. I admit to a very strong bias but the West Yorkshire countryside is very beautiful. I live in Otley, a small market town on the outskirts of leeds so I benefit from a similar environment - life in the country right next door to a big city with all it’s facilities. I would make sure that you choose somewhere with good transport links or you might find yourself isolated in the winter. You could also look at places like Keighley and Shipley which are easy commutes to Bradford. In fact lots of people from west leeds suburbs work in Bradford so it all depends how far your hubby wants to travel. (If I was to choose I’d opt for leeds rather than Bradford but I’ve lived here nearly 40 years so it’s obviously my preference!)

I can sympathise with your concerns about moving but don’t worry about West Yorkshire it’s not called God’s own county for nothing


West Yorkshire is a beautiful area. The countryside surrounding it is beautiful :slight_smile: living on the outskirts is an excellent idea…best of both worlds. Yes, Bradford does have it’s problems but so do many areas today. You will be fine…warmer too lol :wink:

Ps!! If you enjoy going to the theatre, Bradford is the place :slight_smile:

Hi, I live in Calderdale…9 miles from Bradford. We have some lovely picturesque villages. My experience of the social services care teams is excellent. Hospital tries hard…


Ann marie

i have sent u a PM




I got you pm Neil. Thanks very much for that, it was very helpful.

Wendels, Blossom, Boudica, also a very big thank you to you all. I’m starting to feel much more positive about the idea of moving down now and am starting to see that the move may be for the best. I’m not actually desperate to give up work just yet but I would like to reduce hours but living here in “very expensive” Aberdeen, it’s just not an option.

In fact it looks like if we move down to a West Yorkshire we would be able to afford to live in one of your lovely little villages and it still not be necessary that I work whereas if we stay here we continue to live in what is not the most salubrious area of Aberdeen and I continue to work.

Seems a bit of a no-brainer doesn’t it???

Still scared though.

Ann Marie Xxxx

I love Yorkshire and just think about your weekends; coffee and views over some of the most beautiful views in the world!! I don’t come from Yorkshire, just enjoy visiting, but those little villages are lovely. I am sure you could find a part-time job or some voluntary work to help you meet new people and stop you felling too isolated in a new setting. Best of luck with your decision, stacey x x x.


Lived in Bradford,Bingley,Ilkley,Settle,Ingleton and Kirkby Lonsdale would come back tommorrow if I could ,I now live in the Cotswolds ,prefer oop north.

I’m from West Yorkshire too. Like anywhere it has it’s problems but it is beautiful too! There are some lovely villages around x