West London meet up?

Hi everyone,

Iā€™m 26 and just been diagnosed. I am hoping to create a group of people who can easily meet when they feel like it, for a run or a drink! I live in Chiswick and work in Mayfair.

Let me know! :slight_smile:

It might be worth trying Shift MS, as they tend have a younger profile and a useful map to see who is in your area.

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Hey - I live just down the road in Northfields :slight_smile: I am a patient at Charing Cross, are you the same? Im up for a group in west london for sure, I know a few msers who live this neck of the woods :slight_smile:

There is a monthly meet up at a pub near Victoria( )which has a really good group of fun people & v active and useful whatsapp group, the next meet up is next week