Hello everybody,

It’s going to be a little bit long, so bear with me.

For the past couple of years I’ve been feeling mildly sick (a little bit feverish, tired, had some stomach problems, muscle pain), so I’ve talked with a friend of mine, whose a head doctor at a local hospital, and she told me to come, stay for a couple of days and she’ll do the tests.

So I went there and she has diagnosed me with chronic hepatitis c, which was unexpected. But, she also ordered an MRI, “since you’re here”, and they have found 4 non-enhancing lesions in my brain, which was even more unexpected than hep C. She has told me to wait six months, and then come and re-do the MRI, and not to read anything on the web.

Of course, after around 4 months I’ve decided to browse the web and my mind went into overdrive, I’ve basically diagnosed myself, and started having a lot of symptoms after reading them on the web (bladder problems, weakness on one side of the body, i’m more careful when i walk, i feel my mouth moving differently, pins and needles, everything). I didn’t have problems with that before, at least i hadn’t noticed them. So, I went for a full MS diagnostic work-up (brain+neck MRI, VEP, LP, neuro exam), and was expecting a DX. Got the results today.

VEP - negative

LP - negative

neck MRI - clear

brain MRI - same as in January.

neuro exam (seemed a thorough, 30 minute exam) - no abnormalities

I don’t know what to think now. What/When to push for further tests? Does anyone here has experience with treatment of hepC, if you have MS? I’m super confused now.

Thanks for reading!

Have a lovely evening :wink:

hi aster

your doctor spoke words of wisdom by telling you to avoid the internet!

are you on any treatment for hep c?

your medical records will have the latest developments on it,

what symptoms remain?

if they are not severe then forget all about ms.

work with your doctor to get your symptoms under control and then enjoy your life.

if you do in fact have ms then it will come to light.

learn how to meditate for 15 mins a day as that will help you maintain a calm mind,

carole x

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