Well that felt like a waste of time :(

Yesterday I had my 3 month follow up after my diagnosis in October. I thought it was going to be with the MS nurse but it turns out it was with my LEAST FAVOURITE DOCTOR EVER. This is the Doctor that in June told me that I don’t have MS (optic neuritis hardly ever turns out to be MS) and made me feel like I was wasting his time, yesterday was no different.

The whole appointment was him asking me how I’d been diagnosed (what happened, who did you see) All things that were on the screen in front of him. Assumed I had been treated even though I wasn’t and when I told him I hadn’t had any steroids or been sent to Leeds for the specialist (Because the nurse and I agreed that my MS is mild and I’d like to put off treatment for as long as possible) He started lecturing me about how treatment only speeds up your ability to heal it doesn’t undo the damage. (which is pretty much what I had told him.)

Pulled up my MRI said he could only see one lesion (The Neurologist that diagnosed me showed me all 6 of my brain lesions and my spine lesion) continued to make me feel like he didn’t believe me.

He asked me about my first attack (optic neuritis) “which eye was it?” Both, a lot worse in my right but it was both eyes. “That doesn’t happen its normally one at a time” “when did each attack start?” This one was early September, the first one was early October. “Normally attacks start in summer” (then he said something about a hot bath causing problems but honestly I didn’t really care what he was saying anymore.)

He didn’t have any interest in the fact that I’m still symptomatic after 4 months(first one cleared up in 4 weeks), how I’m coping in general or anything other than reading my chart and having me confirm that it was right. Ended with “I’ll make you an appointment for 6 months time” and I was shooed out of the room.

Is that how these appointments are supposed to go?

I’m going to phone the nurse tomorrow for an appointment with her because I’m so confused.

Thank you for reading my long rant if you made it through all that.

Hi Trixie

Tosser. Sorry, that’s all I can think of to say.

Sorry you’ve had such a crappy appointment with a doctor who sounds like he has the personality of a termite. And zero patient care skills.


Thank you. I can’t remember his name but I am going to see if the ms nurse knows who he is so I can request not to see him again. I’ve only seen him twice I like the other neurologists I’ve seen much better.