Well,just like buses!...3 come along together. Not ms

Babies that is! running out of ideas for gifts. My niece and two of my nephews wives are pregnant…all due between Nov and Jan, already bought for the other four, so trying not to repeat gifts is getting harder!..Not to mention remembering all these birthdays, never mind my nephews know I usually get confused and end up putting cards into the wrong envelopes,they’ve forgiven me now for sending the ‘6 today’ card to the 7 year old … even sent it to the wrong address!-all born September,well that’s my excuse anyway!

Hi, I have this one down to a fine art! I do them in batches as I am an aunt and great aunt many times over. The year Mr Val died I had to much to do and think about that I did almost the whole year’s birthdays in one go. It worked so well I still do it six years on.

I don’t buy age specific cards, just general children’s cards as once they are beyond one or two years old, I lose track of their ages. I put post dated cheques in the cards. I have quite a big family and don’t see all the little ones often enough to know what they are into for presents. Haven’t had any complaints…

You have the best time coming up though, the new baby cards and gifts. Lovely shopping.

You lucky lady…all those new babies will give so much love and it will be marvelous to watch them grow.

Enjoy everything!


I don’t do age cards now either! just have to get the address right, oh and the right names in the right envelope! Just ordered Peter Rabbit time capsule, if it’s nice may get 2 more,…job done!

It would be easier if my other 2 nephews hadn’t passed on all the clothes and toys already, they have 4 between them, saving my niece loads of time and money!

Each January in my new diary I note all the birthdays to remind me to send cards and gifts. I get the cheapest cards I can (I think I’m a Yorkshire man!) and stick £10 note in and hope they get it.

I never get a thank-you nor do they reciprocate with cards or gift when it’s my birthday - they sort of take ot for granted.

I’m not whinging but a ‘thank-you’ would be appreciated.

mmm I think I am whinging!!!