Weirded feelings after going without food/ Tecfidera

Hi all,

I wonder if anyone can relate or has experienced these symptoms.

I’m on Tecfidera and have been for about two years now I got rid of initial symptoms quite early on but had some stomach problems as had Gallstones after having my Gallblader out last December things seemed to be ok.

Now something has changed if I don’t eat regularly miss a snack or meal I go all weird I feel like I’m sort of shutting down I’m aware of everything around me but feel a bit spaced out and it takes about an hour until I feel normal again after eating.

I rang my Ms nurse for her opinion and she said it sounded like I needed to take the Tec with more fat this I can’t understand as I’m not meant to eat more fat as I have no Gallblader so anyway I tried this out for ten days.

whats any one else’s opinion on this?

Im now thinking of have my bloods done to see if low blood sugar could be the cause, I just can’t see it being the Tec after all this time.

My son is Diabetic. Some one did mention I might need complex carbs Something to do with being low in blood sugar but not low enough to be diabetic. Can’t remember what they called it now!

if anyone can throw any,light on this I’d be really grateful.


I have been on Tec for a little over a year, and I had side affects for around 3 to 4 weeks initially. I had mild flushing initially along with chronic stomach issues but these more or less disappeared. Just recently though I take my Tec at around 8 in the morning just after my breakfast and get the most horrendous flushing after my lunch which I normally eat around 1 ish. My skin also feels it’s crawling and it lasts for about 30 mins. Once it’s over I feel really washed out and fatigued. I spoke to my neurologist last week and he said tha I should go back to taking 75mg aspirin before taking the Tec and see what happens as my body may not be absorbing the Tec.

Thanks for replying

It’s strange that your Nuro thinks you may not be absorbing the Tec did he suggest any tests to confirm this as If you don’t absorb it what’s the point in taking it!

Maybe you could try another DMD if it’s not absorbed. Did he indicate this.

At the moment I never seem to have a day in which I feel well, it’s either hormones or digestion, bloating or feeling sick.

Ann x


complex carbs are those using the whole grain.

brown rice instead of white, wholemeal bread instead of white etc.

i follow a mainly whole food diet and it is excellent.

carole x

Hi Carol

Thanks for that, I have just changed to Hovis Wholemeal granary bread I can see i am going to have to educate myself on food all over again.

Ann x

brown rice is lovely, tastes a bit nutty.

even better mixed with a handful of wild rice.

we all need to be a bit wild!

Ann. It is possible to change but I don’t think it’s as easy as just swapping meds. Blood tests are all clear so we’ll see how the aspirin helps. I have found that full fat Greek Yoghurt does help with stomach issues. Liz