Weird sensation

Ok all, Weird question. Has anyone else felt like they have an earache outside of your head? I know it sounds strange and I know I’m not describing it right, I just know how else to. It seems to happen every night for months on end and nothing for months. Nothing really has helped other than just sit and place my hands over my ears and press. I feel like I’m going crazy Thanks for any input Greg


mmmm i dunno if this is same but i feel as if my left ear is much bigger than it really is-and its painful. feels hot to me (but its just normal temp) i was told it was hormonal, gggrrr! i do use betnovate (prescribed by dr) when it gets unbearable and it does take the edge off this strange sensation…putting my hand over ear makes it worse.

hope u find ur solution-and soon


hi greg

i get pains but they come at the wrong place.

i went for HBOT today and started to get these sinus pains when it was over.

i was pressing the top of my skull and my mate asked what was up, i said sinus pain and he asked why are you holding your head.

its crazy this ms stuff isnt it?

i never take painkillers for headaches, never have. i got into the habit of pressing on my forehead and telling it to begone!

i’ve been told i sound like an old witch. its my birthday on halloween so what do they expect?

hope it goes away soon. try teling it to “begone” in a stern voice.

you may as well look like your going crazy instead of just feeling lke it!!

carole x

I often wake up with pain on the outside of my right eye. I assumed it was my pillow, which is still may be.

Dear moderator Sorry for repeatedly posting last night. I was not trying to spam the board just a new user! Best wishes Clare