Weird case!

My friend has been through a lot and has a weak heart and she had an accident where she lost a lot of blood and needed operations to put it right and she had a broken pelvis. But ever since the accident she has these fits where her muscles contract and she needs to inject muscle relaxants to make her ok then she sleeps for hours. She has never been able to walk well since the accident and can only take small steps and has always had numbness in her legs and nowhere else. Last year the numbness got worse and she got a shooting pain in one leg and has needed a crutch to walk for a year but she’s been to the hospital a million times since her accident had a million scans, x rays and blood tests and everything is as it should be part from her weak heart. So I was wondering is numbness in the legs and nowhere else and the symptoms don’t get better or spread to other parts they just stay in the legs could that be MS even though the doctors have never even mentioned it all they say is well do an MRI to rule out neurological problems. They also said its definitely not sciatica.

Hi Anon, if it was MS the doctor’s would have found lesions on her MRI.

With her symptoms they would have looked at the possibility of MS and ruled it out.

So no, I do not think that your friend has MS… more likely connected with her broken pelvis.

Hope that helps,
Pat x