weight training

I have a smiths machine and train 4 times a week doing Bulldozer Training 4 Day "Mini-Dozer" Workout Split | Muscle & Strength

Doing this I have rolled back atrophy and weakness, I still have spasticity and that remans unaffected, but means I am fitter and stronger I am roughly doing 50-125% of body weight (1rm)

Really just interested in other people opinions on weight training and it’s effect on PPMS


Dale, first I have to say well done to you :slight_smile:

Ironically, in March this year I still had a p/t job at Gold’s gym, I was a polefit instructor. I took a break after the day I couldn’t stand properly after a hot bath - a month later I was told it was MS, not trapped nerves or the like.

You’ve just reminded me why there is still a pole in my dining room and I really must use it! I got really upset last time I tried to deadlift into an invert and couldn’t quite get there… my left leg is sooooo heavy! My friend said I was being hard on myself as I’d had some time off. With a big shove in the right direction I’m gonna tr to get on it this weekend :slight_smile:

Thank you so much and good on you for keeping yourself strong, core strength is what I need to get back ASAP! I’m fed up with feeling so frail so I think I just need to just get on with it. I’ve been sulking a bit but nows the time to brush it off and try a bit harder.

Sonia x

Dale; my left side is much worse than my right. I do reps of 30kg on my left and 45kg on my right (biceep curls, chest and shoulder presses) which is not advised as my body will look a bit ‘one-sided’, but it DEF helps me with strength, stamina and all round good health. I don’t tend to suffer from fatigue or any cold-like symptoms, a lot of which I put down to my regular gym sessions where I always do 60% cardio and 40% weights in term of time spent on each. However, still need baclofen at night to stop severe spasms. However, I need to spend much more time on CORE exercises for my abs, back and obliques as it is these exercises, according to my physio and various other health professionals I know, that really do help with PPMS symptoms concerned with balance, coordination and stiffness.

I was looking at a MS site the other day and it indicated that too much exercise can put extra strain on already damaged nerves making them weaker. Some experts think that the drug fampridine can do this too. I also saw a discussion on the MS Barts site talking about this and the prof just wasnt sure what advice to give.

I have been working out a lot and I wonder if it has made my spasticity worse.

Moyna xxx