weight-gain diet

Hi peeps,

Just a quick question, can anyone tell me where I can get information for a good diet that makes you put on weight instead of lose it?

There’s loads of diets aimed specifically at people who wish to lose weight but can’t find one to help us skinny’s! I’m also needing one that includes a good intake of the Vitamins etc. that’s good for people with MS.

So apart using these normal diets but doing the opposite of what they recommend, are there any with eating plans that specifically make you put weight on?

There is something that you can get on prescription called Modulen. It is a bit like baby formula and has to be mixed into a drink. My teenage son had to use it after he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and lost loads of weight. It is highly calorific and ensures that you gain weight. It certainly worked on my son! Hth, Teresa xx

Hello Linda Too increase your weight, you have to take in more calories. It must still be healthy calories…even slim people can consume too much fat, which would be bad for the heart etc. My advice would be, ask your doc for a referral to the dietician/nutritionist for the correct advice. Good luck :slight_smile:

You can eat a normal balanced diet then add water and make a shake of any weight gain whey powder.

Some have added vitamins and amino acids.


Oh either weight gain or ones that say bulk