Wedding Insurance that covers MS

Looking for wedding insurance that covers pre-existing medical conditions. It is very highly unlikely that our MS (I met the groom here lol) will stop our day but you never know!

I haven’t a clue, but CONGRATULATIONS! Who’s the groom? Karen x

Thanks! Belly. He isn’t on here much but funnily we both looked at the ms message board the day before it changed (not here much either lol) and saved the post that I put up adverising for a yorkshire man!

Wow - a website led romance - Yeahhhhhh :sunglasses: O frabjous day!!! There is virtual champaigne behind the virtual bar all day today to celebrate! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Clarexxx

Nice thanks, potent mind lol. x

Congratulations to you both, Insure and go are very reasonable for existing medical conditions and there’s different cover levels, they might help you. Lynne xx

Don’t go with John Lewis - as I have insurance with tehse for my wedding next year - I phoned them up to say that I have just been diagnosed with MS and they said that they will no longer cover me. Good luck - and congratulations x

all iknow is that the post office travel insurance ‘covers’ ms, don’t know if they do wedding insurance but try them.

Hi Clair. You could try the MS society as they cover all my insurance,and they understand MS. When it happens i hope you have a lovely day,and the sun shines. Take Care. Chris.