Weather to start treatment or not

Hi there,

I was diagnosed with MS about a year ago and only currently had 1 mild episode about 3 years ago. They have offered me treatment (currently waiting for my appointment to take about it) and I am in two minds weater to start treatment or not?? Or weather to go down the natural route (diet, vitamins etc…) I’m very new to it all so any advice, I would be so grateful.
Thank you

Why not do both? Nothing wrong with the belt & braces approach.
The evidence suggests that the sooner you start treatment, the better the long term outcome, so probably best not to delay too long.

Case study: does treating MS early improve survival? (

Yes and yes. Yes to both.

There is lots that you can do to support good metabolic and general health in terms of diet and exercise and fresh air and sleep and all that good stuff. There is no medication on earth that is a substitute for paying careful attention to those things when it comes to supporting good general health.

But you have MS, and I’m afraid it is equally true that no lifestyle intervention on earth is a substitute for disease modifying drugs. MS is a dangerous beast, and it is capable of doing a lot of damage if left uncontrolled.

So it’s not an either/or in my view. My approach over 20+ years has been to do both: do my best to support good health through lifestyle and let the DMDs do their best to keep my MS at bay.

Hi there! I’m not suitable for a great many MS treatments and am waiting on Siponimod- you may be suitable for the new drug Omicron which I understand is brilliant- hope this helps a little :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: