We did it

This little country mouse went to liverpool

the Journey up on monday was pretty good, left at 9 and got there at 3 all connections fine, reserved seats all good

a day in Liverpool doing the sights,went on the duckboat. absolutely shattered but one happy daughter to have some time with her friend

yesterdays journey home- hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I was very organised and had rung the train company so i knew in advance the platforms i needed, got off at birmingham and headed for platform 2- looked at the big board and it said that the depature had been changed to platform 12- we had 6 minutes to get there!!!

made it just in time and my muscles had gone into overload-i looked like shakin stevens!!

got to the reserved seat-there was a man sitting there-heated conversation- he said he had the same reservation as me-I said i had m.s and couldnt stand for the next 3 hrs-he put his ear phones in and turned his head out the window i refrained from swearing at him as the aisles were completely blocked by me and my daughter, and there were so many people trying to get seated.

wrestled the bags and daughter to 2 empty seats at the other end of the carriage-packed us + bags into the seat as i just couldnt get bags above my head to rack- and a man said-ive reserved this seat… as there were 2 seats in front of us that were empty i asked if he would be kind enough to sit in those as i had m.s and moving again would be hard… he replied with a louder…IVE RESERVED THAT SEAT… so we moved again to the seat in front and in a very loud voice i said…i reserved those seats over there because of my m.s and i wanted to make sure i had a seat to sit in-but dont worry ill move my self ,my daughter and all our bags to the seat in front of this one so you can sit down.

We then missed the connecting bus home by 3 mins as the train was late in and had to get to the bus station to the next bus which was a 2 hr wait

we left at 9 am and got in at 6.30

this little country mouse loved her trip (mostly) and is very proud of US that we did it but boy o boy i wouldnt last a week in the real world,

in so much pain today, but im in pain because we did it, we had our adventure and we lived to tell the tale

Nightmare!!! I think I’d have sat in the first guy’s lap…

Glad you managed it and you (sort of!) had a good time. I hope the after effects go very soon!

Karen x

Well done you!!! I’ve had the same issue on a train from Birmingham to Liverpool - turned out the daft cow who was insisting that SHE had reserved the seat was in the wrong coach, make sure you have a look at their reservation next time, the ticket man should have sorted it out for you.

Now rest and xx