We are disabled – BUT should we get over ourselves?

I pondered over writing this, but after a post I saw recently on another forum I felt the need to express my feelings and yes concerns.


An interesting article CC.

I think a lot of these issues relate to the speed which any “instant” reaction is propagated. I was once told that it can be useful to say the 2nd thing that comes in to your head. This gave me a bit of time to consciously work on a response rather than ejecting a semi automatic response. If I give some serious time & thought to a response it can be dramatically different to the initial one. It is too easy to get fired up by a headline or a comment without appreciating some of the deeper perspectives. I still have instant firey responses to stuff but try not to share any thoughts online until I have had a chance to think about it. And yes I still get it badly wrong, and there are times I wish I had just blurted out or posted my initial gut reaction. I had a great lesson when I was thinking indignant thoughts about some “thoughtless idiot” who walked in front of me, only then I saw the white stick and the fact that they were being guided… Ooops, not all about me and any issues I might have.

Nice one