we are all 1 in 10 when it comes to driving our own cars according to car dealership


After I complained that they could not have parked my car the furthest away from the dealership when i went to collect my car after it had a fault. Complained on their customer feedback forms, and duly received the call from the dealership to say that I needed to let them know, since the car is leased via the dalership under motability and has hand controls fitted by the dealershop would have been nice for them to think out of the box, dah but no guy on the phone said only 1 in 10 disabled people drive their own car, so why have a car with hand controls ,again said the car should give you a clue to which he answered someone could be collecting it for you .


Total plonker…needs customer service training!


how frustrating!

they all need some disability awareness training if they are dealing in motability cars

Quite honestly, I’m surprised it’s as many as 1 in 10 ?!! (…and finding a car mechanic who was also able to think may be a bit too pricey for most garages). Dom

the gentleman i spoke to was the general manager, it is a big uk dealership as well , received a second call from UK customer services who told me to 'mention his name ’ the next time I put the car in for a service, will this mean it will be parked outside the building one only wonders.


Hi Trish Would the garage maybe come and pick up your car and bring it back for you, the garage I use do this. One time it had a very minor problem and when I phoned up they told e to just pop in by with the car. I explained how hard this would be for me and they then agreed to pick it up and brung it back. This is a lifesaver for me. You should ask if your garage does this. I’m sure it will tbh. Cheryl:-)

What has happened to customer service. My local garage collect and deliver mine- MOT-Service - they do it so that they do not have lots of vehicles blocking up their parking spaces. And this is just a normal garage - not motorbility. They do it for everyone. And we barter - she brings me rhubarb and l give her duck eggs.

the collecting of the car was the end part of the story I already had tried to organise the repair with the dealership to be told to go to motability who sorted it out however did say this should be the dealership that is dealing with this so getting them to come and pick it up is pushing it however it has given me the idea to call motability to see if this is possible in the future, but dealership needs to get their act together. saying that i think the ignitition part is not on right so will wait and see what hubby says when he gets home , oh the joys