Watching Peppa pig

I’m having a relaxing time at my daughter’s watching Peppa pig with Naomi and Laura my two little Grandaughters. I’ve felt sick all week and had a dizzy head I always find the heat flattens me I’m glad that it’s a bit cooler and it’s raining. I’m getting my new motability car at the end of the month, it’s a Ford Tornado, I think that’s what it’s called. I’m giving the galaxy back it will be better because I will be able to drive straight in. I fell today trying to get out I never hurt myself it more a case of dropping slowly to the ground. Or as Buzz light year says falling with style. Michelle and Frazer xx

sent you a PM Michelle

J x

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Oh eckythump Michelle! Falling is not good! But I expect you already know that, eh?

Are you going to be driving or like me, you are chauffered?

Polls xx

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Yes Poll, its not good feeling. It’s more the embarrassment than hurting myself although I have suffered from cut knees a few times. I’ve got open insurance on my car Polly so all of my family or carers can drive. I wish I could drive I really miss it but my reactions are so slow and the fatigue is awful I feel like I have a blanket over my head. I went for an assessment to see if I needed hand controls but it’s my cognitive ability that’s faulty and they took my licence. Michelle and Frazer xx