Warning to people using European Health Insurance Not MS

Hi folks

Just thought I’d warn you how I got caught! I recently applied for a European Health Insurance card, I did this on-line and paid nearly 18 squid. It arrived a few days later but speaking to my husband and daughter they said it was free and i shouldn’t have paid anything.

Having listened to ‘you and yours’ on radio 4 this week, it appears that people are setting themselves up as agents and basically instead of going to HM government site (where you think you are), you are directed to this other site where they charge you for posting out a card that you should not be paying anything for!

As nothing is free these days, I did not question this payment.

My husband emailed ‘you and yours’ and has just had his email read out. Probably because of the content, as my husband has a strange sense of humour; I was the butt of his joke.

Seriously though; it may be better to telephone HM Revenue and customs when you need a new card.


I’m sorry you got ripped off, and thanks for the warning.

I’d just like to point out it has nothing to do with HMRC though, so definitely don’t phone them (especially as they never answer, OR you’ll get stuck in a queue you pay for).

It’s an NHS thing, here: https://www.ehic.org.uk/Internet/startApplication.do

I do hope this isn’t the site you’ve just come from. I haven’t worked all the way through it, to check it doesn’t demand a fee at some point, but I’m pretty confident it’s the bona fide NHS site.

Obviously you should not cooperate with any site that does prompt for payment.


Applying for healthcare cover abroad (GHIC and EHIC) - NHS This is the link to enable you to get it free xx

Thanks Bambi.

Wendy x

good point Wendy, i nearly got caught out when i went online and googled it,like you say they are free when you go on the NHS site,there are a lot of agencies cropped up to make money out of us,the money saving expert was telling viewers 'never’ever pay for one they are FREE !!!

jaki xx