Warning for UK residents - must read!

I thought I’d alert the rest of you particulalrly those around London that whooping cough is on the rise. Most of you will remember that I have been on and off not a 100% for the last month or so and thought I had a cough/chest infec from my colleague. This made my neuro symptoms go quiet beserk - I really didn’t know whether I was coming or going. Well it now transpires that it was probably whooping cough after a chat with my colleagues at work who’ve seen the doctor.

Just wanted to make you guys aware (if you google whooping cough outbreak 2012 you’ll see it’s been in the papers and BBC) as not only did it make me feel lousy the effect on my neuro symptoms was horrible. So if you develop a hacking cough that isn’t going (look at the symptoms) please see the GP as at least if you get some antibiotics you’ll be feeling better quicker rather than feeling terrible for a few months like I did.



I had it when I was a child. I can still remember the coughing!

Can you have it twice?


I don’t see why not as people who’ve been immunised are getting it and I would have thought they’d be protected, but I’m not certain. Lets hope not, I’m sure it must have been horrible as a child and I defo don’t want it again now I’ve just got rid of it.



Hi Reemz, Yes, a friend of mine has a baby of 15wks in hospital with it very poorly! We live in Worcestershire so sounds like its all over the country. I saw the baby a week before he became ill so far no symptoms! Chris.

I remember when I was young hearing a neighbours child with it and it’s a chilling sound. Terrible, I’ll never forget it.

I can’t understand people not getting their children immunised.

I hope you feel better very soon.

Yeah I was immunised - I’d defo get my kids immunised. I can understand if you’re allergic ( a friends daughter was and it was life threatening) but otherwise just get it done I say.

No wonder I had such hacking fits of coughs and kept throwing up after and no wodner my neuro symptoms went mad.

I would never have thought of whooping cough. My other friend who has the same symptoms has seen the GP thrice who’s fobbed her off (this was before I realised it was whooping cough today). It seems like GP’s are less aware of it with adults.