Want to make friends who understand

This is my first post, I have recently come out of an abusive relationship after18 years. My ex made me think I would never be able to leave him ( we were living in mid Wales) but after finally involving the police I have been re homed back in Lincolnshire closer to my family whom I missed so much for all the years I was trapped in in Wales. Well I’m home now and I seem to be struggling with making friends so I decided to join an MS group hoping this would help. Take care and stay well people


Hi Sim
So glad to hear you’ve made such a good move for yourself. You’ll like it on here, lots of information and friendly people.
I wish you lived closer to me so we could go for a coffee but we’ll have to have a virtual one instead.
Best wishes

Hi Sim, welcome to the group. Im glad you have got free from a damaging relationship - thats taken a lot of courage

Take care, Ali

You’ve made the 1st steps so have progressed from where you were a while back, so reward yourself for that. Lincolnshires a big place so you’ll soon feel at home again.

Well done on making a brave move and hope you now get the life you deserve.
Pop your postcode in on this page and see if anything suits you.

Support near you | Multiple Sclerosis Society UK (mssociety.org.uk) Support near you | Multiple Sclerosis Society UK (mssociety.org.uk)

All change is stressful, even an escape from the darkness of an abusive relationship into the fresh air and light of freedom. Well done, coming through all that. But you must be exhausted in every way. I hope that you feel stronger by the day and find your feet in this new and much nicer phase of your life. I wish you well.
p.s. ‘Finding your feet’ might be an unfortunate metaphor if you fall over yours as much as I fall over mine, but you know what I mean, I’m sure. A x

Hiya Sim, congrats on getting away from abuse. It’s enough having m.s never mind a bully.
You’ll find new pals here & I see some great suggestions.
Welcome & good luck


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