Well l did not want to watch the horse race so sat in bathroom, that bit of wall paper that was peeling of took the better of me and yes l pulled it, the hole sheet came of leaving the backing paper as it does so now l am in a pickle.

l cannot stand on steps so its only striped up to 6 foot may be the grandson will help me. It will be fun looking for new wallpaper . l will keep you all posted. Jan

Hi Jan, maybe just leave it and call it shabby-chic? (my excuse for never decorating )

Pat x

Hi, next time you`re sat there, why not take some felt tips and draw patterns on the plain bits.

luv Pollx

hi all

l wood try that but my arms would not reach It has taken me all week to strip the paper off and today nealy 2 hours to wash the paintwork l got sat on floor its only a tiny bathroom, then had to crawl to my stairs to be able to get up, very stiff ready for a per bed sleep now

wonder if there is a good film on tv take care all . Regards Jan xxxx

Oh Jan sweetie wish I was there to make you a nice cup of tea!

Try crime series ‘Vera’ on ITV 1 at 8pm. Looks good for two hours of total escapism.

Take care hon,

Pat xxxx