Walk in Sandwich will it be UKIP next year

We went for a walk yesterday. It occured to me Sandwich may become the seat of Nigel Farrage at the next election. Read about our walk in this beautiful old town on my Disabled Don Blog.

Its an even nicer day today and I am stuck at home waiting for the nurse to call and change my catheter. Heather is keeping herself busy steaming floors and has just finished some ironing. Bet the nurse dont turn up today and if its fine tomorrow we will be going out. Why do they give you a date and then not turn up?

I lied its not on my Disableddonblogspot it is on my Promote Thanet Blog oops I forgot is not the one

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Hope the nurse came Don?

lovely photos, especially the lake…or is it a river?

nina x

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Enjoyed the blog Don, please keep them coming. Hope the nurse came, nothing worse than waiting in all day when you have a feeling whoever’s expected won’t arrive and they don’t. Sometimes though it’s lovely when they do pitch up nice and early and you have the rest of the day to enjoy.


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Nina and Cath the nurse didn’t turn up and sort of leaves you in limbo, I have been in situation where they forgot me before and you don’t want to chase them but at same time don’t know if they are coming or not. My life in a nutshell is I have little or no control of anything. I used to know everything and run my own business now I sit around and wait for others.


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Hi Don, great blog as usual… and very funny… but sorry the nurse didn’t turn up!!! Awful to keep you waiting like that. I HATE waiting around… it really seems to knacker me… on other hand everything knackers me.

You don’t just sit around and wait for others. Far from it. It just feels like that sometimes!

Wonder if Nigel Farrage will get in there? It’s a shame that this government are so awful and the opposition are so weak that people would consider voting for a far-right party. I suppose working-class people think he’s on their side… which couldn’t be further from the truth.

That’s my rant for the day over and done with,

Pat xx

Nice pics, Don. Sandwich is a lovely old town ( but not a match for Faversham IMHO :-). )

I totally agree with your point about drop curbs. They need to come in pairs. Even if they are a long way apart. Our village playing fields have two entrances at opposite sides. For a long time only one of them was easily manageable because it had a drop curb, the other side didn’t and was a pain. I did get an immediate response from the Parish Council representative with the remit for highways and byways, and he did get it sorted. Now we can go for a walk/ scooter ride through the playing fields rather than in and out!


ps it helps if the Parish councillor is an old cricket team mate!

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LOL Kevin I know the one about the playing field I used to go to church through the playing field and the obvious exit had no dropped curb. Your right about Faversham I am there for a BBQ on Saturday all things being equal. I was bought up and went to school in Faversham it has changed over the years but I still love it but Margate has the sea and I have been watching a three mast sailing boat off Botany Bay today TENACIOUS (IMO: 1005679) Ship Photos | AIS Marine Traffic

And we sat in the sunshine drinking coffee and eating bacon sarnies at West Bay Westgate on Sea lunch time.


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many years ago (24 I think) Ruth and I crewed on a yacht from Brighton round to London. One night we stopped in the marina at Ramsgate, and the next day we sailed round into the Thames Estuary, ending up at Queenborough on Sheppey.

Anyway, that day, just as we were rounding the North Foreland, (you might have seen us!) we saw a sight which has stayed with me ever since, especially as I read a lot of novels set in the days of Nelson’s navy. At first we weren’t sure what we were seeing: just poking above the horizon a little white cloud; it got nearer and bigger and it became clear it was a tall ship coming in from Holland or somewhere. What a sight!

Two days later we saw her again moored midstream just below Tower Bridge in line of many other tall ships, gathering for the start of the Tall Ships Race. She was one of those huge Russian sail training vessels. Unforgettable.

Kevin I scour the horizon and love to see that little bump loom into view. My other vavourite is to see two ships in opposite courses ‘crash’ and the further one is temporarily eaten I used to tell my grandsons that the smaller one it crashed was eaten and poohed out. I am a rotten grandad heee heeee.

You’re making me miss the sea again, Don!