Wake up worried

Apologies I sent a post earlier this morning and just reading it it did not look right so am resending it
The symptoms I am worried about are muscle twitches (Not Spasms) Pain in my L/H shoulder and arm when I move the arm also have some constipation,Speech problems which may or may not have been caused by a TIA I had early Sept.I have started doing my morning runs which I had to stop whilst recovering from the TIA.During the day I feel ok and when I am in bed.But when I wake I immediately start the worrying.I have woken up sometimes at 5.00am and do not go back to sleep.Sometime I go on the laptop and look for information which I know is a silly thing to do.Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks for reading this.

Pain in your shoulder / arm may be something as common as subacromial shoulder pain. Have you seen your GP about it? Can you get your GP to refer you to a physiotherapist?

As you are worried about the symptoms you have, you do need to see your GP. It may just be simple, treatable things causing them, rather than something more concerning.