Waiting time for results (average!)

Hi!..I had my vep, sep and LP all done on 5th (crappy day!), but I was wondering (roughly) how long I’d be looking at to get my results?!?

Hi, I’ve only had LP done and results took just under 4 weeks. Fizzy x

Hi CLP20,

I must apologise, but I simply don’t know what “vep” or “sep” mean ?

Assume they are “Visual Evoked Potential” and “Sensory Evoked Potential”, but I (…and I suspect others) would very much appreciate these abbreviations being clarified, please ! (There’s a current thread for abbreviations where sets of initials can be clarified - these would be ideal for that?)

(…When I was being diagnosed back in 1998/9, I was sent for an “Evoked Potential” exam which seemed to be purely related to vision. Was never told the outcome of that test - just went towards the eventual diagnosis of MS.)

Personally, I really don’t like any abbreviations, when spelling something out in full would often take less than 5 extra seconds and guarantee that EVERYONE knew what was being referred to !


Sorry!..I didn’t mean to abbreviate but wasn’t entirely sure of their names(!) but yes, that them :slight_smile:

My LP results took about 6 weeks.