Waiting on an LP

Hi. Went to the doctors on Monday then ended up in the hospital having an MRI. The scan came back with some scarring. They think MS but still gotta have an LP. Trying my best not to freak out at the moment. Currently having stabbing pains in my head. I wish I knew when it might stop. And now my husband is talking about life insurance! Any advice or support would be fantastic. I just want to know what the future will be. Thanks.

lumbar puncture helps with the diagnosis but is not absolutely necessary.

the LP is not as bad as it sounds so try not to stress too much.

you could ask your doctor for something to help you, such as prozac.

insurance won’t pay out as you have an existing condition.

it may be useful for future illnesses though.

the future’s not ours to see (as doris day sang).

nobody knows what might come at them tomorrow, next week, next year.

the future will happen though so stop worrying!

worry and stress just make everything worse.

If you do have a lumber puncture make sure you keep hydrated with water and full fat coke, help stops the headache.