waiting for results


I had a lumbar puncture 4 wks ago and still have not recieved the results. There was a backlog at the hospital and I am currently going out of my mind.

I had an MRI and it came back clear, however my symtoms are as follows-

Temporary facial paralysis

Tingles in face and lef

Nerve pain and twitches in legs

Bells palsy

Temp loss of vison in right eye


Lighning flashes and back issues

How long does it take to get the results thorugh on average ? has anyone else had a clear MRI ? does it depend at what timing they do the MRI ? ( mine was done nearly three weeks after I went blind in my right eye ( inflammation of the brain apparently )

All help appreciated

Peace and love to all



Hi Julie, why not give the neuro`s secretary a ring and say you are still waiting for results. She may be able to move things along for you.

luv Pollx