Following on from an earlier thread about the most offensive/upsetting things said to us I wonder are we m.s.ers more touchy/vulnerable than those who don’t have m.s.?

And when we are offended do we tend not to let the ‘offender’ know we’re upset ?

Yes i agree with that. I never use to be like that touchy or vulnerable. I am touchy and get upset way to easy now. I really kick myself for doing so. I used to be a fierce lion a Leo, now i am just a mere old moggy lol. I cant stand being upset by anyone.

Yeh I dont think I tell someone they upset me, as i dont want to face more conflict. I have to control my anger now as sometimes i get angry over the stupidest things.

I am just not ME anymore. In some respects i suppose that is why i tend to keep myself to myself.


Since my diagnosis of MS I have definitely seen a change in how I am. I am definitely more sensitive to topics of conversations. I hate anybody asking me about say how I am? About my medication because it’s a constant reminder of my MS. Maybe I just haven’t actually fully digested what I have really been through with my MS. Also when others complain of any minor ailments, I’m the first one to think “you have no idea what I have been through”. I have become a bit more closed off I suppose, even with my partner I often feel like if I complain about my health or any new symptoms I notice, I feel like he will get fed up and the last thing I’d want is to worry him. I just feel lucky that I knew him before I was diagnosed and feel that’s the only reason why he’s still with me because we have known each other for a while. I’d be scared if I was single and starting to think about dating - I often wonder that people would become scared of knowing I have MS and wouldn’t really want to commit in a relationship. I’m glad I’m not in that position as I do have a caring partner but sometimes I feel like I can’t open up with him about my symptoms or struggles as I fear scaring him away. MS has definitely made me a weaker person in general, I’m not as emotionally strong as I was.

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i know what you mean, but I think that this reinforces that you ARE still the person who got into the relationship and will still be that person despite a life changing condition.

On the broader initial question are we more vulnerable or touchy, I think probably yes, BUT so is anyone after a life changing condition. I.E nothing special about MS. I know that MS and its multitude of symptoms has specific impacts but so do other conditions/illnesses.


Some people are over sensitive when they don’t have a chronic illness. Folk are variable like we are. When receptionists tell me to take a seat…I say. Its ok, I brought one with me!`. They look bemused!