Vulnerable adult?

I have been advised that once you receive a diagnosis of MS you can then be discribed as a disabled person and disabled adults are considered to be ‘vulnerable adults’. Apparently Social Services do not recognise these terms. Anyone clarify this please?

You may be classed as vulnerable if you are:

  • a pensioner
  • disabled
  • chronically ill
  • unable to look after your own welfare or living with someone who is unable to look after their own welfare

I’m sorry but I have to take a bit of issue with this.

The equalities act defines a person with a diagnosis of MS as being disabled. This is very helpful for people who would find it difficult to meet a traditional disabled diagnosis but still need the protection of the act because of the effects of the illness (fatigue in the workplace for example)

I have had MS for many years and despite some mobility problems in the early years I would not have described myself as disabled but I would have been pleased to have the blanket protection of the Equalities Act if I had ever needed it.

My problem comes from describing a disabled person as a vulnerable adult. A vulnerable adult to me implies someone who needs protection, who is unable to handle their own affairs. I am a wheelchair user now so I am definitely disabled but I wouldn’t advise anyone to stand too close while describing me as a vulnerable adult!

Social Services probably don’t accept those terms because they are useless when it comes to describing real people. We should be defined by our abilities and our needs not some label.

sorry forgot to put that is from the citizens advice, i think its on the adult social services websites aswell, social services have to help as you are right, we have ms= classed as disabled…disabled classed as vulnerable person.

Thank you for your replies.