Votes needed

Hi All, My daughter has entered a photography competition and is currently in 3rd place but wants to get 1st place. So could you have a look at the site and if you like her photo please vote. Its called burning and is rather spectacular and she captured it just by walking home - no enhancement - its stunning

Erin still needs more votes for her photography - more votes needed - she’s currently in 3rd place and wants a 1st placing

burning - Photography Competitions

If the link doesn’t work on here - sorry I’m not much good at this so could I ask you to copy and paste it onto your search engine and that should get you there.

Thanks, Mary

I hope your daughter wins, her photo is amazing! x

What a wonderful photo Mary - duly voted! Teresa xx

amazing photo got my vote!

Very well deserving of my vote

Wb x

Thank you everyone your votes are appreciated - the prize is a camera and I’ll let you know how she does once the competition ends

;-))))))))) Mary

All done, well deserved vote!

Voted… awesome photo. Hope she wins. The photo is a standout compared to the others I looked at in the competition. Good luck, Erin


Voted !!!

I’ve voted. It’s a brilliant pic. I really hope she wins.

My immediate reaction: “Oh wow!”

What an absolutely beautiful photograph. Vote added :slight_smile:

Karen x

yes i’ve voted. what a talent!

What a fantastic photo, a budding photographer in the making.

Got my vote

Lisa x

Well done Erin-great photo, good luck!! Voted!

Done as requested Mary.

Bootiful shot…I imagine that`s what a forest fire looks like.

luv Pollx

Lovely picture, I did look through some of the others, but your daughter’s is outstanding compared to them.

Btw, on page 7 there is a shot of Hunstanton beach at sunset. I can watch the sun setting from my bay window every evening. We are unique as we are the only town on the east coast that faces west :slight_smile:

Tracey x


Very best Erin xx

Erin’s just notched the grumpy vote.

Thank you everyone I’m overwhelmed with your votes and comments. Erin was walking back to her flat in Kingston (London) in the evening when she captured this sunset. I too thinks its beautiful but I have to admit I’m biased in her favour. I’ll pass on all your comments to her - which I know she’ll enjoy - we all need that pat on the back at times. She’s been having a hard time lately (fell down the stairs last week - she’s still in limboland and having more tests - but MS runs through generations of our family and we know the signs well). But on a brighter note her picture is stunning.

Thank you everyone for your votes.

:-))) Mary xxx

Spectacular! Great photo. Got my vote.