voluntary pay

Afternoon pals. Hope I haven`t put anyone`s back up with this.

Someone posted about doing voluntary work and then the conversation turned to `permitted work`.

What I am wondering about is voluntary work with no pay.

Who knows anything about this, please?

A few weeks ago, there was a post from a man who used his mobility car to take people places like hospitals. He was told if he could do that, then he could work as a cabbie. That`s what concerns me if any of us do voluntary work. Are we at risk of losing our benefits?

luv Pollx

Good post Poll. You certainly didn't put my back up and can't imagine you did anyone else's either so don't worry!

I posted about volunteering today so I await replies on this eagerly. 

Thankyou Rebecca, had a look, cheers.

luv Pollx

Cheers Perky.

luv Pollx