Voluntary work, Bath, New Year's Eve!

Probably not for PwMS, but if you know anyone who'll be at a loose end on New Year's Eve, you could do worse than encourage them to enjoy some camaraderie at Waitrose in Bath, where the Make a Move charity are looking for bag-packing volunteers between 9.30 and 4.30.

The charity's secretary can be contacted via the website and will be delighted to hear from volunteers. What an opportunity to finish 2011 or start 2012 by giving something back to the community!


If you're thinking about a longer commitment to voluntary work, then has plenty of good leads.


The more adventurous and, dare I say it, more able bodied/minded might want to take a look at


This country would grind to a halt without its volunteers and I'll bet there's plenty on this forum angel Hats off to you all!


Lolli xx