Voice problems

Hi all, do any of you suffer with voice problems? my voice keeps going horse, not sore or anything else, i think i remember reading this is a symptom? any advise please, spoke to M.S. nurse who was (unusally) not helpful.



Do you have a problem projecting your voice? Like it could happen for a few hours? Rest helps it? Somethimes cannot be heard hardly at all in a room full of people. Trying to shout makes it worse. My own nurse said it can be a problem for some. BE

Hi Sue,

My voice gets very hoarse very quickly, which usually leads to extreme difficulty speaking at all and simply forming words - it’s like the tiny muscles around the mouth have just given up.

I attended speech & language therapy about 18 months ago, and tried to explain this but it was almost like this didn’t fit comfortably with the usual routine …so God-forbid the process was adapted to suit the ‘patient’

Needless to say, this therapy was of no help to me at all (,as I fully expected beforehand) and vocal issues still affect me greatly today, 18 months on (I even have trouble speaking with family - and it gets worse as I become more fatigued!!)

I’m so sorry I can’t suggest anything …but I can fully understand what you’re experiencing. Hope you find a way to get round this issue?!!

Best of luck,


Yes, I get hoarse. Mentioned this in another topic only recently. However, I’m not at all sure mine has to do with MS, as I’ve always been rather prone to asthma and bronchial stuff.

It’s crossed my mind, though, as I do think it has worsened over a similar timescale to other symptoms that I’m sure are MS.

Because I live alone, I sometimes don’t know that I’ve lost my voice until I make a phone call, or pop out to the shop, and then find it comes out all croaky.

But I notice it most after I’ve been talking for some time.


Hi Sue

Yes I have voice problems which started a couple of years ago. My voice became really hoarse after I’d spent a day at a family reunion and it didn’t get any better after resting it. My GP referred to me to the ENT dep at my local hosp where I had an endoscopy ( not nearly as bad as I expected! ). The consultant asked if I suffered from heartburn which as far as I was aware I didn’t. However it seems I have acid reflux which is only affecting my pharynx. It’s also know as silent reflux presumably cos you’re unaware of it.He prescribed Omeprazole which I have been taking ever since. It has helped a bit, I don’t lose my voice which was happening before. I still find I’m always trying to clear my throat, I just try to do it as gently as poss, if I overdo it it makes my voice hoarse.

I don’t know if there’s a link to ms, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is. Just another annoyance to add to the joys of this wonderful disease (along with my chronic dry eyes!)

Hope this helps, it’s probably worth getting it checked out anyway.


Thank you all for your answers to my question, i hope it rectifys itself.


Yes, my voice gets pretty hoarse on a regular basis! Teresa xx

Mine does to. It seems to happen anytime for no reason. Don’t get a sore throat so I have put it down to an ms thing :frowning: Kate x