Vitamin deficiencies and correct vit d levels

Hi all I don’t get to come on the site often but wondered if someone could enlighten me on some blood test done. In January I had vit d = 39. vit b12 = 340 and ferritin 14 Just had then redone Vit d = 81.6. B12= 623 and ferritin = 18 What is the optimum ranges Mr gp did nit want to do the vit d just kept saying everyone is deficient. For my iron I only take spatone water but was hoping it would improve faster. I had gastritis from drugs my gp prescribed and so struggle with iron tablets I welcome any advise please Helen

Vitamin d should be between 75-250 on their scale but really should be around the 200 mark for people with ms. You b12 level is really good it should be between 200-900 pg/ml so you are at the higher level which means that there’s no deficiency for b12. With regards to the ferritin it depends on how they measured it - for example the range for a woman should be between 12-150ng/ml so you are in range on that scale but on the lower side if they have measured it by ng/ml. Have you been taking supplements for any of them since the original tests?

Please be aware that Vitamin D referred to in this thread should specifically be Vitamin D3 !!


Hi Helen, apologies in advance my computer isn’t letting me put in paragraphs! As Karina has said your b12 is fine. I can’t say about your Vitamin D because I’m not at work and can’t remember the levels off the top of my head, however Vitamin D levels in serum aren’t Vitamin D3. It’s a metabolite called 25 (OH) D that’s measured in serum but we just generalise it as Vitamin D level. Vitamin D3 is what we absorb from supplements/diet or make in our skin and it then gets converted through various stages (one of those being 25 (OH) D). Sorry this is really hard to read with no breaks in it Your Ferritin level is fine, where I’m based it’s measured in micrograms/litre and your iron stores are considered depleted if the measurement is less than 12 (basically the same as Karina said), but everyone’s ‘normal’ level of stores will be different and as long as you’re not below 12 then you’re ok. Can’t recommend Spatone highly enough btw - we recommend it to our patients, it isn’t available on prescription unfortunately and is quite expensive but it is much more readily absorbed by the body and generally has none of the side effects associated with iron tablets - I take it too! Hope that helps!